We have received a number of messages asking us about pubs in London for watching the game or where to drink before the match.


If you are looking for somewhere to drink, then we recommend that Scotland fans should consider the pubs in and around Covent Garden. 


Covent Garden is situated to the north east of Trafalgar Square and is around a  6-8 minute walk from Nelson's Column (see map below). It can be reached by walking up the Strand and taking a left at Bedford St. or Southampton St. and you will be there in less than 10 mins.

Check out the 'Maple Leaf' Canadian Sports Bar on Maiden Lane! (see map below)


Also of note is Soho which is on the left hand side of the Charing Cross Road as you head north from Trafalgar Square.

NB: EARLY BOOKING IS ESSENTIAL for all pubs in London at this time.

Also, restrictions in England may differ slightly from those in Scotland regarding pubs and hospitality. Please check the government's web site to ensure you will be prepared for London.

Just to confirm, Loony Alba will NOT be organising anything for this game!

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