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WELCOME TO LUNNAINN ALBANNAICH​...or Loony Alba (loonyalba), as we are affectionately known!


We are a membership based scottish football supporters' club based in and around London. We were formed in June 1993, the first supporters' club dedicated to the Scottish national side.


Get in contact at:


​The club is a founder member of the Association of Tartan Army Clubs (ATAC). Kevin Donnelly, Chairman

Scott McT Spain Goal


New members are more than welcome!


Benefits include the odd bit of organised away travel in Europe as well meet-ups in foreign climbs and also Glasgow.


For those that do not travel to the games, either home or away, we often arrange meets at The Albion pub in London when Scotland are playing.


Check out the MEMBERSHIP page for full details.

Germany Match Badge Euro 2024




We don't need no steenkin' badges! Well actually, yes we do!


Over in the web SHOP you can check out our latest match badges and other miscellaneous items!


Who knows what creative and ingenious designs will be available next from the Design Room at LA Towers? Tea towels anyone?

T-Shirt and Polo


Head over to our clothing partners

Image Scotland


for the latest in LA branded t-shirt, fleece and hoody wear.


. Clothing available in female and children's sizes and designs.


Now you can look cool as you sit in the corner of some ropey eastern European boozer dribbling cheap lager down your front!

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